The 2014 World Cup final is upon us..

Graphic So 32 days have passed since the opening game of the 2014 World Cup. We have had our emotions thrown from wall to wall, and most likely ended up having to choose a secondary team to support once England crashed out at the earliest possible stage – without even recording a single win. We did get a point though against the mighty Costa Rica. Woo. We have seen some of the greatest goals to ever be scored at a world cup. First there was Robin Van Persie’s exquisite header, then Tim Cahill’s scorching volley, before we were treated to a James Rodriguez special – and there were more worth a mention, but these three stood out for me. Then there was the upsets – Spain 1-5 Holland… Spain 0-2 Chile… Germany 7-1 Brazil! Germany could have had more too, and for me it was just deserve for a team who had relied on Neymar, Thiago Silva and dodgy refereeing decisions to get to the stage of the tournament that they did. Even from the first game against Croatia they weren’t good enough to win the Championship in my opinion, and I knew once they finally met a team with real quality they would fail to progress. So tonight we are treated to Germany vs Argentina – 2 worthy finalists. Germany come into the game on the back of the most remarkable World Cup semi-final results I’ve ever seen, whilst Argentina reached the final after keeping their cool in the penalty shoot-out against the Netherlands. Germany could make the history books tonight if they are to win, as they would be the first European team ever to reign victorious in a Latin American hosted world cup tournament. Joachim Löw went on to say:

Regardless of what happened before, we know we can write history.

Argentina duo Angel Di Maria and Sergio Aguero will be fit just in time for the game, however, Di Maria has only been featuring in some light training in the run up to the game, and will be probably have to settle for a place on the bench. Aguero is likely to come into the side in place of Lavezzi or Higuaín, but other than that we can expect to see a similar Argentina side to the one we saw against Holland. Germany manager Löw will also most likely pick a similar team to the one which destroyed hosts Brazil, but may choose to pick a little less attacking tactics – as Argentina are a massive step in quality to the team they embarrassed last Tuesday. So as a neutral who will you be supporting? I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching Germany in this tournament and will adopt them as my team for the night. Don’t mean to make anyone jealous, but they are also my sweepstake team at work – so tonight I could be in the money! Thank you Brazil for hosting a wonderful tournament. It’s been an incredible month and one which many will be sad to see end. But me? I’m now far too excited that the domestic season is edging closer and closer to shed too many tears.


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