11 Joys Premier League Fans Will Never Experience


Today I guest wrote for our friends over at Match Pint and the topic was about things us lower league fans experience regularly, it’s tongue in cheek but definitely worth a read so get over there and give it a go! I’ll put a few of my favourites from the article below:

1 – Rocking up to the away end and knowing every single person you walk past, because you and those other 50 odd folks are the only ones stupid enough to travel to Hartlepool on a blustery and wet Tuesday night. That’s dedication though.

5 – Proper pies. Pies that you don’t need to take out a mortgage to be able to afford and contain enough lard to sink an ocean liner.

9 – Staying up to ungodly hours in an attempt to watch the Football League show. It’s rumoured (nobody is truly sure) there’s a huge cash prize for anyone who manages to stick it out to the very end of an episode, a feat that no-one in Britain has yet accomplished. Blame Steve Claridge.

Read the rest of the article by heading over to the Match Pint site or by clicking the link to the right – http://www.matchpint.co.uk/sports-blog/about-guest-blog-11-joys-premier-league-fans-will-never-experience-752


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