Chelsea- The New Invincibles?

There has been a lot of talk regarding the special ones current Chelsea squad after an impressive start to the campaign, with comparisons being made with that of Arsene Wenger’s 2003/04 Arsenal side. Speculation has built and built after every outing by the blues, with many believing they can go the season unbeaten, reclaiming the title that has escaped them since the 2009/10 season in the process. But do they have what it takes to go the distance?

The squad that Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has managed to put together is without doubt capable of achieving such a feat. With a strong balance of experienced heads such as John Terry, Didier Drogba and Petr Cech being countered with bright, young talent such as Thibaut Courtois, Oscar and Eden Hazard it could be argued they have the complete squad. The once ‘ old boys’ squad has now been fleshed out with young vibrant stars that have the world at their feet, with the team’s average age at 26.9, they are just going to grow in confidence and skill. It’s hard to find an achilles heel in the squad with it being incredibly competitive, seeing world class players such as Cech find themselves to be regulars on the bench showcases the strength in depth that the club is able to boast. It is hard to argue that this squad is incapable of pulling off the unthinkable this season but the constant injury worry regarding Diego Costa must linger in the back of fans minds.

Then there is Jose Mourinho. A man who lives in controversy, wears his heart on his sleeve and says what’s on his mind, whether you love him or loath him, it is clear that he is one of the game’s greatest tacticians, and one of the best football managers in the sport today. His mind games with fellow managers, officials and other players can often be the difference in  tight games and his ‘park the bus’ defensive tactics have often played out to full effect at the expense of frustrated opposition teams and fans. Mourinho does often walk the fine line between confidence and arrogance but it is a line he has strutted to unprecedented success. With an incredible history of accomplishments, plaudits from both players and fellow managers and a clear love and passion for the club and fans, Chelsea couldn’t ask for many better then him to guide his “little horse” to a champion steed.

The London side’s form has been consistent since the beginning of the season, having survived and impressed at difficult away trips to Old Trafford and Anfield as well as being solid at Stamford Bridge. Impressive performances that have see them have the current best goal difference in the league, and despite complaints by many neutral fans about ‘boring’ football, have also scored the most amount of goals in the league so far. However recent frustrating away trips to Maribor and Sunderland have seen Chelsea’s fluent passing football meet it’s match, with two draws in games that were seen by many as ‘easy wins’, questions have been asked as to whether or not the pressure of possibly becoming the next invincible’s is causing cracks in performances.

Tottenham Hotspur will be sure to test that theory and provide a stern test on Wednesday as they look to rescue their season, and being the first side to beat Chelsea would certainly put them on the right track to do so. On the other hand Mourinho’s men will be looking to bounce back from a frustrating day in Sunderland by picking up three points against their London rivals. With the quality and unpredictability that a premier league season provides it will undoubtedly be a tough task for Chelsea to go the season unbeaten, however they have stood out of the pack so far, and for this Chelsea deserve to at least be considered for an invincible season.


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