The similarity between football and casino games

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For all the football fans and players out there, this may shock you, but there are many similarities between football and online casino games. For the past while now, we have been curious as to why so many football lovers also love online casino games, and we think that we have finally found the answers! There are great overlaps between football and various casino games such as blackjack, slots and poker. Today we will explore each and see where the similarities lie.


Blackjack is a game of both chance and strategy –much like football is. The ability to use your mind to see possible moves on the field and what they will yield is much like the skills you need in order to excel at blackjack. You have to be able to think quickly and make the right move each time, in order to win. People who play soccer are used to being on the move and hate to sit still. But being able to play blackjack at a mobile casino, allows you to play a couple of rounds whenever you are stuck in a queue or feel restless.


You know how passionate you feel about football? You know how much joy it brings to your life? Yes? Well, playing football themed video slots has very much the same effect on football lovers. These specially designed slot games are perfect for footie fans as it captures the best aspects of the game and lets you possibly go home with some big winnings too! Royal Vegas online casino offers a plethora of themed slot machine games, with some outstanding football themed ones too –such as, Shoot, Football Star, World Cup Mania, and Soccer Safari. Try them all to see which you like the best! The sound, graphics and bright colors make these games lifelike and fun! In this way football and football themed video slot machine games are the same, not because you use the same traits or skills, but because it makes you feel the same way.


Playing poker online requires sharp thinking skills as well as a keen mind for building and comparing strategies. Poker is similar to football in the sense that knowing your opponent can be very important. In football, when you play a certain team more than a few times, you begin to get a sense of how each member of the other team plays as an individual, and how the team plays as a unit. Having this knowledge and using it to your advantage can really help you win a game. It is pretty much the same in poker, except here everyone is playing as an individual. Knowing another player’s tells and how they play the game, is so important for knowing how to play yourself. It is not enough to understand what good poker strategy is, but you have to be adept in knowing how to apply it in various matches, against different opponents.



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