Wenger nearly walked before signing new contract


Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has admitted today he nearly chose not to sign a new contract in May, over doubts he was the right man to lead the club forward.

Wenger signed the two-year deal a month before his deal at the time expired, at the end of last season.

During an interview with French TV programme Telefoot, Wenger opened up about the ‘personal reasons’ behind why he was hesitiating whether to sign the deal.

“I’ve been there for so long that you always wonder, can you still take the team to the next level?

“I’ve been at Arsenal many years and last season we struggled a lot.

“This year we won our first game, we weren’t as good in the second match and then we had a catastrophic performance.

“But now we have to recover and, as always in a time of crisis, you have to win your next game.”

A 4-3 victory at home to Leicester was a decent start to the Premier League for Wenger and his players, before losing 1-0 at Stoke and 4-0 at Liverpool brought them back to down to earth with a bang.

Also, during the interview, Wenger was asked several questions which he was able to give a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer to:

Wenger was also asked several questions to which he could only reply ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Q: Could you ever coach another club?

Wenger: Yes.

Q: Have you had contact with PSG?

Wenger: Yes.

Q: Would you swap all your trophies for one Champions League?

Wenger: No.

Q: But not having won it really bothers you?

Wenger: No.

Q: Can you win league this year?

Wenger: Yes.

Q: Are you disappointed with your transfer window?

Wenger: No.


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