LaLiga President accuses Man City and PSG of ‘destroying football’

Javier Tebas

La Liga president Javier Tebas has accused clubs such as Manchester City and Paris St Germain of “laughing” at football’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules.

Tebas was of course referring to transfers such as the French club’s £200m signing of Barecelona star Neymar, and said: “We’ve caught (PSG) peeing in the swimming pool and Neymar is peeing off the diving board.”

Soccerex Global Convention was where the Spanish league boss was speaking, just two days after it emerged he had written to UEFA to request an investigation into what he described as PSG’s “history of non-compliance” with FFP.

The Costa Rican-born administrator expanded on this at Soccerex, saying clubs backed by national gas and oil revenues were inflating costs for all clubs and destroying the industry.

The 55-year-old has been in charge of La Liga since 2013, and mentioned how he has no problem with Abu Dhabi, Qatar or any other state deciding it wants to buy a football club, so long as they keep their business fair.

“The problem is when the income they report to cover their costs is not real,” he told reporters.

“They’ve agreed sponsorships which are not based on market rates. PSG earns more from sponsorships than Manchester United does and that’s impossible. That’s financial doping and it’s destroying the industry.”


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