The Premier League summer transfer window

The summer transfer window is not far off now and the Premier League features clubs that are expected to spend large amounts during the up-and-coming window.

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Previous transfer windows

During previous transfer windows, we have seen some world-class players making the moves to different clubs, as well as managers switching to new clubs as well as players.

In previous transfer windows, we have seen the likes of Ronaldo, Messi, Lukaku, Grealish, and other football players making some big money moves to different clubs.

This summer transfer window is expected to be busier and better than previous ones due to most clubs having a quiet winter transfer window which has led them to look to have a busy summer transfer window instead.

We can expect to see some big named players making moves to new clubs during the summer transfer window.


Some clubs have bigger budgets than others and in recent transfer windows we have seen these budgets being spent on numerous new players, for example, Newcastle United previously spent over 100m during a transfer window and this has helped them to get out of the relegation zone and climb up the Premier League table.

Chelsea is expected to spend over 200m on new signings if they can appoint a new club owner in time to compete during the summer transfer window.

There have been some big named players rumoured with a move to Chelsea and some players are set to leave as well, with Rudiger agreeing on a free transfer to Real Madrid when the summer transfer window opens after he and Chelsea could not reach an agreement on his contract situation.

We can expect this summer transfer window to be a busy one with clubs in the league looking to improve their squads in the hope that they avoid relegation or qualify for European football for the next season.  

You can see why the summer transfer window is expected to be a busy one and why clubs are expected to conduct a lot of business during the summer months.


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