Who will make the move to the Premier league this summer?

The summer transfer window is not far off now and lots of players will be looking to make the move to the Premier League due to it being seen as the best league in the world.

Football fans have been placing their bets on what players they think will make the move to new clubs with non UK casinos at maximumcasinos.com providing platforms with different odds for gamblers to choose from when it comes to placing football transfer bets. 

Transfer windows

The transfer window is an exciting time for all of us that are involved in football with the transfer window being the time that clubs can sign new players and sell unwanted ones to other clubs, as well as replace the managers if need be.

There will be plenty of clubs looking to spend big in this summer’s transfer window with clubs usually looking to spend more during the summer window compared to the quieter winter one. 

The recent winter transfer window did not see much business happen with most clubs looking to wait until the summer window to improve their squads, but this was not the case for Newcastle United who recently got new owners and they wanted to improve the squad right away to get out of the relegation zone, and they spent over 100m during the winter window to sign new players along with a new manager which has helped them to have a good run of form and avoid the relegation zone for now. 


Financial Fair play has recently come into play to ensure that clubs with a smaller budget can still compete in the transfer window with clubs that have a bigger budget being limited to how much they can spend as if they go over this budget, they can receive a fine and a transfer ban during the next transfer window.  

With clubs having to stay within a certain amount it has helped clubs to compete in the league due to the bigger spenders not being able to buy the league with buying whatever players they want with them spending crazy amounts before financial fair play was put in place. This has helped to ensure that the league runs better with clubs not being able to spend huge amounts during the transfer windows. 

You should now have a clearer understanding of transfer windows and what is to be expected during the summer one.


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