Premier League teams to spend big in the summer transfer window

Football fans are starting to place their transfer bets on what players they think will join certain clubs and there are plenty of transfer rumours already flying around about clubs making moves for certain players.

There is a list here of siti scommesse non AAMS that are providing platforms for football fans to use during the transfer windows and especially the much-awaited summer transfer window that is not far off now with it set to open in a few weeks. 

Summer transfers 

Transfer windows during the summer are an exciting time for all football fans and football clubs with teams looking to improve their squads to have a productive rest of the season.

Football fans will be expecting their clubs to bring in some high profiled new players to help them progress and have a positive end of the season due to having better players available.

The recent transfer window during the winter did not see much action happening with most clubs looking to save their money for the summer window. 

In recent summer transfer windows, we have seen some talented young named players making the moves to different football clubs as well as some big named managers also moving clubs to being sacked by their previous employers due to poor performances.

The most recent winter window was a quiet one to most football clubs around the world except Newcastle United looking to have conducted the most business with them spending over 100m on new signings to help improve their squads as well as them having a few outgoings.


FFP, the financial fair play has recently been introduced to football to ensure that clubs with a lower budget are still able to compete in the transfer window with clubs that have a bigger budget being limited to how much they can spend if they go over this budget, they can receive a fine and a transfer ban during the next transfer window.

Clubs have received transfer bans for financial fair play rules in recent seasons. Chelsea is one club that had a transfer ban for a whole season because of it and clubs such as Manchester City and Barcelona also spent over the budget but did not receive bans which were never investigated. The transfer window can be a complicated time for clubs that now have a budget due to them being used to being allowed to spend what they want without having restrictions put in place. 

We can expect to see a busy summer transfer window taking place with clubs across the world looking to conduct their business as soon as the summer transfer window opens to ensure that they do not miss out on certain players.


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